Michael Aku RoDriguez | Director/Producer/DP/Composer

SOUNDTRACK SONG  for Documentary Film ~    "THEIR LAST RIDE"
   Song Written by:      
   Gareth Laffely & Susan Oliver    ~    ROARING BROOK RECORDS
   Performed by:
  Gareth Laffely ~ Gareth Music

Music Video;
Directed/Produced: M. Aku RoDriguezSO BE IT Films 

"Ride it Out"
A  Song For  Slaughter Bound Horses

 Song Written/Produced/Directed by:      
   Lynny Prince    ~    Lynny Prince.   
Performed by:
Lynny Prince 

Music Video  ~   Directed/Produced by:
Lynny Prince 

"Fight for You"

 Song Written/Produced/Directed by:      
   Gary Shiebler    
Performed by:
Gary Shiebler ~ Gary Shiebler  

"Butterfly Song"

 "This beautiful traditional melody from Jemez Pueblo in Northern New Mexico was arranged Robert's brother Patrick Shendo Mirabal, who sings lead vocal. "   
Music Video  ~   Filmed and Edited by:
Bonnie Blue Britt 

Thank you to the performing artist.
We at Thundering Hooves are honored by your commitment to be a
Voice 4the Horses!


Horses, both wild and domestic need our protection.
"The Last Ride" music video was made as the title song to the documentary film, "Their Last Ride".
Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of the music video with Gareth Laffely.